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June 16, 2021

Doug Creamer: Father’s Day

This weekend we will celebrate Father’s Day.

Our parents set the foundations of our lives. They help to develop in us the values and beliefs we hold for the rest of our lives. Fathers also help to shape the way we see God, so their role in the family is very important.

We all know and understand that no father is perfect, but I believe that I was fortunate in having a good father. After 31 years of teaching and seeing fathers from all walks of life, I have grown to have a deeper appreciation for my own father.

My father made sure I had everything I needed. I always had food to eat, a warm bed to sleep in at night, a good home and clothes, and he made sure that I got a good education. I have met many students throughout my career who lacked some or all of those basics. Dad always made sure we were safe and we lived in friendly neighborhoods.

Dad raised us to know the difference between right and wrong. I knew my parents gave me consequences for wrong choices. I was taught how to behave in public and that the last thing I wanted to do was embarrass my parents publicly. I never wanted a teacher or principal to call my house, because that would be very bad for me.

Dad demonstrated to me that I need to give my best to my employer. Dad has a strong work ethic even to this day. You don’t cheat or steal from an employer and you certainly don’t call in sick because you want to do something else that day. I guess you can call that integrity.

One other thing I can say about my parents is that they raised four kids successfully and launched us into adult life. Did they get everything right? No, but they did the best they could to help us grow up and become responsible citizens. My parents provided the safety net all kids need to make mistakes as we grew up.

God, our Heavenly Father, has done much of the same for us. God is our provider. God takes care of us, like a good parent, making sure we have what we need to grow spiritually into mature Christians. He also gives us gifts and abilities so we can make a living and take care of ourselves. God wants us to have a good trip through life.

God loves us. God’s love is perfect, the agape love, and His love never fails. Our parents, because they are human, will make mistakes, but God will not and cannot make mistakes. In fact, if life throws us a curve ball or tragedy strikes, we have a Father who is able to turn situations around and bring healing through His love.

His love also covers over a multitude of sins. There are some who say that we don’t have to repent anymore because Jesus forgave us of all our sins: past, present, and future. It’s true, Jesus’ blood does wash us clean of all our sin, but when we choose to reject God so we can enjoy sin we choose to separate ourselves from God and His love. In order to restore that relationship, we have to choose to turn around and ask God to forgive us for making the wrong choice. Don’t worry, He’s quick to forgive and restore us.

God gives us so much more than our fathers. He gives us peace of mind and heart. We are accepted. We are forgiven and in right standing with God. We have the joy of the Lord down deep in our hearts. We have grace which is the power to live a different life.

God knows all about the sin problem that gets between us, so His grace gives us to the power to overcome and live differently, victoriously. God gives us hope. We have the eager expectation that things are going to be good in the future. Hope from God will not disappoint.

I want to encourage you to connect with both your earthly and your Heavenly Father. First, reflect back on all the ways your earthly Father has provided for you … then thank Him for all the sacrifices He made for you and your family. Next, thank God that Jesus paid the price for you to have a relationship with your Father in Heaven. You can connect and be assured that you are loved and accepted in God’s eyes. God can set you free from your past and set you on a path that will lead to a good trip through life and ultimately to your home in heaven.

Doug Creamer has two books at the Literary Bookpost: The Bluebird Café and Revenge at the Bluebird Café. Contact him at

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