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May 15, 2021

Week in review: Test your nose for local news

1. This past Monday, the “Dr. Phil” television show aired its interview with Jodie Trexler Laird, who was 13 in 1984 when her 15-year-old sister, Reesa Dawn Trexler, was stabbed to death at their grandparents’ home in Salisbury. For the show, Trexler, who in the past has been identified as a suspect in the 34-year-old murder, took a lie detector test. What did did Dr. Phil’s polygraph expert determine from that test?

A. That Laird was telling the truth 70 percent of the time

B. That it has been too long for the polygraph to determine for sure whether Laird was telling the truth when questioned about the murder

C. That Laird was telling the truth when she said she did not kill her sister

D. That Laird was not telling the truth when asked whether she killed Reesa

2. Dana Winters spoke on childhood development as a guest this past week of Smart Start Rowan. Winters works for a center inspired by the teaching principles of what television personality?

A. Fred Rogers

B. Captain Kangaroo

C. Sherry Lewis

D. Fred Kirby

3. Former Davidson County Sheriff Gerald Hege, who pleaded guilty to felony obstruction charges in 2004, received good news from the Davidson County Board of Elections this past Tuesday. What does the election board’s decision mean?

A. That Hege can run again for the office of sheriff

B. That Hege’s voting rights have been reinstated

C. That Hege can hold a business license

D. That Hege’s wife can run for sheriff, not him

4. Jennifer Canipe is retiring this June as executive director of the Crosby Scholars program in Rowan County. Since its establishment in 2012, how many local students have enrolled in the program designed to guide middle school and high school students for life after graduation?

A. 830

B. 2,040

C. 3,540

D. 5,430

5. What band will be the headline act for the Cheerwine Festival in downtown Salisbury May 19?

A. Dave Matthews

B. Barenaked Ladies

C. Sister Hazel

D. Foo Fighters

6. The LandTrust for Central North Carolina sponsored a two-day hunt in March that ended up providing more than 500 pounds of meat. The food was divided between the freezers of Rowan Helping Ministries and the Stanly Community Christian Ministry. What did area sportsmen hunt over the two days?

A. Deer

B. Wild hogs

C. Bears

D. Turkeys

7. Woodmen of the World, a life insurance business with a chapter in Landis, recently donated $4,800 to Landis Police. The department will use that money toward the purchase of what?

A. In-car computers

B. Bulletproof vests

C. Radar guns

D. A motorcycle

8. The N.C. Division of Air Quality held a public hearing in Spencer last Tuesday related to Duke Energy’s permit application to reprocess/recycle coal ash at the Buck Steam Station. As proposed, the reprocessing center at Buck would do what with the coal ash?

A. Burn it, to remove excess carbon from the coal ash so it can then be recycled

B. Dewater it, so the material that’s left can be used in the making of concrete

C. Hydrate it, so harmful chemicals in the coal ash can be neutralized before it becomes a fill material

D. Spread it, so that outside the containment ponds the coal ash dries and becomes more manageable to truck away

9. Downtown Salisbury Inc. has decided to forego its First Fridays and concentrate on some larger events, not necessarily limited to Fridays. Which one of the following is not an event Downtown Salisbury Inc. will be promoting?

A. Buskers Bash

B. Gallery Gallop

C. Wine About Winter

D. Mayfest

10. Salisbury native Wyndham Robertson spoke Thursday night at the annual meeting of Historic Salisbury Foundation. During her time in journalism, Robertson rose to be assistant managing editor of what national magazine?

A. Harper’s

B. Fortune

C. Atlantic Monthly

D. The New Yorker


1. C.
2. A.
3. A.
4. D.
5. C.
6. B.
7. D.
8. A.
9. D.
10. B.



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Blotter: Man accused of stealing car, crashing it


Man faces new charge of attempted murder for father’s shooting


Gov. Cooper lifts indoor mask mandate for most situations, gathering limits


Barnes gets new punishment of two life sentences in Tutterow couple’s 1992 murder

High School

High school football: State’s top honor goes to Jalon Walker


Scout’s Honor: With dedication of flag retirement box, Salem Fleming earns Eagle Scout rank


North Carolina king, queen of NCAA lacrosse tourneys


Kannapolis seniors walk elementary schools


Local real estate company employees come out in force to build Habitat house


Quotes of the week


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Rowan native Shuping posthumously receives Concord Police Department’s Medal of Valor, Purple Heart


Black high school softball player told to cut hair


GOP measure on penalties for rioting draws fire


State shows 303 COVID-19 deaths in Rowan


CDC: Fully vaccinated people can largely ditch masks indoors


One arrested, another hospitalized in Castor Road stabbing

China Grove

China Grove Roller Mill open for tours Saturday


Facing personnel deficiencies, local fire departments request tax rate increases