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Police warned restaurant owner after previous party …

I know she was also told not to hold parties. People wonder why she is closed now. She broke her lease many, many times. I guess some people just don’t get it..

— Tommy Wingler

500 shoes delivered to kids at Koontz Elementary

This is a great thing they’re doing. However, let’s not forget there are children in Rowan county that need proper shoes and socks that don’t live in the North Rowan district.

— Kayla Brown

Catawba College places musical theater major on hold

I’ve also heard that private institutions all over have been making severe cuts. The times are changing, I just hope that this can be corrected to save/ further improve a program that helped me in my growth as a leader and an artist.

— Jacquelyn Kelsey Loy

Not surprising since Catawba stopped recruiting in the Mid-Atlantic area where most of their majors were from and only recruiting from N.C., which doesn’t emphasize theater and arts in the high schools.

— Diane Dillon Hooper

I’m a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in musical theater from Catawba in 2000. The department struggled finding a strong dance and musical theatre head of the department starting in 1996 and we went through several changes during this time.

— Kathleen Watson

Yes, enrollment is down everywhere, but that is no excuse to excise a program that draws people to come to Catawba College.

— Mary Brandon

Infant shows up at hospital with fracture, mother charged

Hopefully, DSS will be able to find suitable relatives who are responsible enough to provide a loving and stable family environment for this infant.

— Jeff Morris

China Grove to vote on Second Amendment …

Talk about a waste of time and money. Work on some real problems.

— William H. Moffitt

Cal Thomas: History shows Trump peace plan is doomed to fail

I guess that makes Cal Thomas yet another “RINO” who is really a “libtard” deep-stater in disguise because he dared to contradict the word of Lord Trump. Off to the gulag with him.

— Eric Shock

Letter: Listen to prophets’ warnings

Greta Thunberg a prophet? You’ve got to be kidding. Thanks for my laugh this morning..

— Donna Peeler Poteat

We will also pay a price for not listening to the prophets heralding the downfall of the U.S. democracy under the poor leadership of President Donald Trump.

— Pat Bullard

Listening to a disturbed child blather on about the future of our planet is total insanity.

— Barry Isenhour

US attorneys: Congress must ban fentanyl analogues

While I agree that we need Congress to permanently declare all fentanyl analogues illegal, it seems that our state leadership could also permanently arm law enforcement with the tools necessary to protect our communities from these deadly illicit drugs.

— Jeff Morris

Leonard Pitts: Hillary Clinton was right about Trump …

The fact that you base someone as being “educated” solely on a piece of paper from a college or university is asinine.

— Adam DeLand

Letter: Commissioners, councils should …

Salisbury offers a moment of silence at the beginning of the meeting to allow all faiths to communicate with whomever or whatever they believe. I think, if I were you, I would worry about China Grove, not Salisbury.

— George W. Benson

… Rezoning request for would-be Dollar General site

If you want to go to a Dollar General, just drive another block.

— Jeff Morris

Dollar General will just add to the cheap Chinese goods going into to local landfills in a few months.

— Joanne Bryla

The one at Carson High School is a hazard, with kids running across in front of traffic.

— Shane Horton Skeen

Please make it stop. Between Salisbury and Gold Hill we are being overrun with Dollar General stores. It’s absolutely crazy.

— Stacey Burrell

… Courts at City Park to be converted into six pickleball courts

Pickleball is loud and distracting to a tennis player. Not saying pickleball in Salisbury is not needed, but it should definitely be separated.

— Linn Myers Waggoner

… Man says he was shot in Rowan County road rage incident

A shooting in Rowan County, a Second Amendment sanctuary county? No way.

— George W. Benson

Letter: North Rowan’s Dunlap will be missed in community

Well said and so true. He was beyond compare in all he did. I can’t think of another Rowan educator who left a more significant impact on our youth.

— Patti Secreast



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