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My Turn: Alexander’s, Post’s arguments on designation don’t compute

By Karen Lilly-Bowyer It seems clear that the Grubb-Sigmon-Weisiger House was used as a political pawn at Tuesday’s city council meeting.  Mayor Karen Alexander voted ... Read more

Sharon Randall: Holding world in palm of hand

By Sharon Randall Do you remember the first time you held the world in the palm of your hand? One day when I was 8, ... Read more

Quotes of the week: ‘I just reacted’

“When I realized he was going to hit the car, which he did … I just reacted. It’s pitch black dark. I was thinking I ... Read more

Talkback: What online readers are saying about …

Letter: Facts for Fox News viewers The economy is cyclical, and presidents often receive more blame or credit than they deserve. When the economy bottoms ... Read more