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Talkback: What online readers say about …

Letter: Post passes judgment on Landis board too early What is this reason that only a few people know about it for now? I thought ... Read more

Quotes of the week: ‘Moving almost 1,000 people’

“It’s probably a little bit slower than we would want it to be, but for the first time, you’re moving almost 1,000 people from one ... Read more

Sharon Randall: Reflections on a table

How many times in my life have I scratched this table? How many times will I be lucky enough to get to do it again? ... Read more

Letter: What’s the plan to address litter problem in city

Litter throughout Salisbury is a major problem and an eyesore to what could be a beautiful area. Why hasn’t the city of Salisbury addressed this ... Read more

Letter: No communication on what’s next in Woodleaf

In July, a question was asked as to the future of Woodleaf School. At that time, it had not been voted on but a possible ... Read more

Editorial: Cannon Ballers mascot name misses the mark

Kannapolis’ minor league baseball team completed its rebranding Wednesday when the team named its new mascot. In October, a team that had been the Phillies, ... Read more

Letter: Vote ‘no’ on $45 million bond referendum

On March 3, if you vote to approve the $45 million bond for Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, you will guarantee yourself a 3-cent tax increase per ... Read more

Leonard Pitts: Time for end to all of slavery’s permutations

By Leonard Pitts Last week, the Mississippi Supreme Court upheld Willie Nash’s sentence: 12 years for possession. Of a cellphone. Read it twice, if you ... Read more

Dan Blue: People’s agenda looms large

By Dan Blue Legislators have a lot of unfinished business to attend to now that we’ve returned to Raleigh for a special session. In November, ... Read more

D.G. Martin: What would former major, lieutenant say?

By D.G. Martin “I don’t think the U.S. should be in the business of assassinating foreign leaders.” This was not me talking about last week’s ... Read more

Letter: Klusman clarifies Second Amendment statement

When the Rowan County Board of Commissioners voted on the crucial issue of a Second Amendment Resolution, I misspoke. My intent was to say that, ... Read more

Letter: Thanks deserved for unknown officer’s help

I just want to thank a policeman or a trooper for being so helpful to me on Saturday night. I didn’t get his name and ... Read more

Editorial: Find more ways to protect drinking water

Anyone with the belief that Republicans are dismissive of environmental concerns might find statements and legislation by Rep. Richard Hudson passed last week refreshing. Hudson, ... Read more

Letter: County should commit to accepting refugees

I write today to encourage the Rowan County Board of Commissioners to opt in to continuing to accept refugees into our county. We are blessed ... Read more

John Hood: Prudence needed on voter ID in state

By John Hood RALEIGH — “Prudence,” wrote the British statesman Edmund Burke, “is not only the first in rank of the virtues political and moral, ... Read more

My Turn, Wilson Cherry: Shredding needed in tax season

By Wilson Cherry As tax season approaches, many businesses and individuals find themselves getting snowed under by a blizzard of old bank statements, invoices and ... Read more

Letter: Sayings then and now

Here are some famous sayings: • “Give me liberty or give me death.” • “I regret I have but one life to give to my ... Read more

Letter: House Bill 140 isn’t right redistricting solution

North Carolinians have spent nearly a decade voting in districts manipulated to favor politicians instead of voters. There’s no doubt that voters deserve real redistricting ... Read more

Letter: Why accept bad behavior from president?

President Trump is impeached. It is not an occasion for celebration nor is it an occasion for protesting. It is an occasion for sadness. It ... Read more

Editorial: County’s resolution only signals commission’s principles

Many people in Salisbury and Rowan had a similar reaction after commissioners made our county the latest in North Carolina to pass a resolution standing ... Read more

Lynn Good: Important piece in climate conversation

By Lynn Good Around the world, there are important conversations going on regarding carbon emissions. Countries, companies and communities are all looking for solutions that ... Read more

John Trump: Alcohol industry always preparing for worst

By John Trump Distilleries, wineries and breweries are growing at an exponential rate — all with an eye on Washington, D.C., and, in our case, ... Read more

Josh Bergeron: 10 realistic predictions for 2040 in Salisbury-Rowan

Last week, the Salisbury City Council added nine more members to its Forward 2040 committee, which will be charged with envisioning what Salisbury could and ... Read more

David Freeze: Gotta’ Run

Once a Warrior, always a Warrior! I can’t begin to remember the first time I met Kevin and Ester Marsh. It seems like they have ... Read more

Talkback, what online readers are saying about …

Letter: Why higher gas prices compared to others? The lack of sufficient competition in Salisbury keeps gas prices unreasonably high. — Jeff Morris I often ... Read more

Quotes of the week: ‘The black, the white and the gray’

“I want to ensure all of you, especially those that voted for me, that I take a look at the black, the white and the ... Read more

Sharon Randall: How do we deal with waiting?

By Sharon Randall I’m sitting in room full of strangers, whose feelings at the moment (based on the looks on their faces as they stare ... Read more

Darts and Laurels: RoCo Alerts much-needed in community

Laurel to the news that the city of Salisbury and Rowan County have created a mass alert system called RoCo Alerts. The system will notify ... Read more

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