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November 26, 2020


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David Freeze column: What I’m thankful for

It has been one of my great privileges to write this column now for more than 10 years. I’m not sure exactly which year this ... Read more

My Turn, Mary James: My gig as a Census worker in 2020

By Mary James “I’ll do my civic duty,” I thought when the little Census Bureau post card arrived in the mail asking citizens if they’d ... Read more

Letter: Focus on roadside litter instead

Waterway litter is minuscule as compared with trash on our highways. I applaud Mr Hanna and Catawba College for efforts described in an article published ... Read more

Letter: When will they ever learn?

According to the IZA Institute Of Economic Studies, data shows that the Sturgis, South Dakota, biker rally, which attracted an estimated 460,000 people this past ... Read more

Other voices: Home for the holidays

From the Winston-Salem Journal   Christmas Eve’ll find me Where the love light gleams I’ll be home for Christmas If only in my dreams As ... Read more

My Turn, Linda Darden: Hospice care business has grown to meet community needs

By Linda Darden Since our inception in 1979, Trellis Supportive Care (formerly Hospice & Palliative CareCenter) has grown to meet community needs and has benefited ... Read more

Gary Pearce: Are candidates like Gov. Cooper history?

By Gary Pearce North Carolina may never see another Democratic governor like Roy Cooper. In fact, we may never see another Democratic statewide candidate like ... Read more

Editorial: Gov. Cooper’s new order relies on personal responsibility

When Gov. Roy Cooper on Monday began a news conference, people were already preparing themselves for the news that the state might be going backward ... Read more

Sharon Randall: New ‘mug’ shows different phase of life

By Sharon Randall My granddaughter, Eleanor, is 5 years old. She loves to have her photo taken. And every photo is just like her: beautiful. ... Read more

John Hood: Good news on state budget

By John Hood RALEIGH — Since the beginning of the COVID-19 recession in March, North Carolina policymakers have been watching government revenues and expenditures carefully. ... Read more

Josh Bergeron: Rare milestone, 2 more years for current commissioners

Naturally, Craig Pierce’s and Mike Caskey’s re-election didn’t get much attention after the primary because they saw no Democratic competition. Their victories, however, secured a ... Read more

Letter: One six-year term for president?

What if a sitting president could not run for re-election? Instead of serving a four-year term with the possibility of four more, the president was ... Read more

Nalini Joseph: Keeping your child on even keel during coronavirus

By Nalini Joseph Everyone’s talking about mental health these days. Most of us have good food to eat, a warm bed to sleep in and ... Read more

Kathryn Lopez: Christians in Middle East need us

By Kathryn Lopez Archbishop Bashar Warda is a man of hope, humility, courage and defiance. Christians will stay in the Middle East, like it or ... Read more

Letters: Mental health scholarships help RSS students

Abundant research has shown that a child who develops strong social and emotional skills is in a better position to be fully engaged in school ... Read more

Letter: Thanks for generous donations

Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary (a no-kill sanctuary for dogs and cats here in Rowan County) wishes to thank the public for their generous contributions of ... Read more

Chris Magryta: On screen time, herd immunity, returning to schools full time

Editor’s note: The following are a few recent excerpts from blog posts by Dr. Chris Magryta, who works at Salisbury Pediatric Associates. Read more at ... Read more

Editorial: Listen to student on COVID

There’s wisdom in the voices of Livingstone College students and, in particular, Student Body President Carlee Patterson. “A lot of us thought that, ‘We’re young ... Read more

Cal Thomas: Alito’s warning signs ring true

By Cal Thomas Everywhere one looks there are warning signs, from labels on cigarette packs warning that smoking causes cancer, to ridiculous labels on thermometers ... Read more

Francis Koster: Think of battling COVID-19 like civil defense

By Francis Koster There are four facts in this article you do not know. Our population of COVID-19 infected people is split into two groups. ... Read more

Laurels: Keep schedule consistent for Rowan-Salisbury students

Laurel to the suggestion that Rowan-Salisbury Schools should “stay the course,” as Superintendent Lynn Moody suggested during Monday’s school board meeting, instead of opting to ... Read more

My Turn, Renee Bradshaw: United Way supports work of Family Crisis Council

By Renee Bradshaw October was Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness about domestic violence, services for survivors and recognize those working to ... Read more

D.G. Martin: Greek and Hebrew guides to our political differences

By D.G. Martin How can ancient Greek and Hebrew thinking help us understand why our friends who support other political candidates see things so differently ... Read more

Editorial: Easy precautions will prevent worst possibilities

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, much of the country turned its attention to projections about total cases, hospitalizations and deaths and how ... Read more

Thomas Mills: Lessons learned from Cunningham’s loss

By Thomas Mills Cal Cunningham very likely cost Democrats control of the U.S. Senate. He was running against an unpopular incumbent and led by a ... Read more

Sharon Randall: When so much is different, Thanksgiving is, too

By Sharon Randall Different. That’s a word I’ve been saying a lot lately. Maybe you’ve been saying it, too. I’ve said it so often it’s ... Read more

John Hood: Parity extends down the ballot

RALEIGH — In 2020, North Carolina Republicans and Democrats took their respective cases to the public. Each party asked voters to put them fully in ... Read more

Nalini Joseph: Make your child’s path to greatness a musical one

By Nalini Joseph I always knew there was a strong connection between learning to play an instrument and a child’s high performance in school, but ... Read more

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