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July 4, 2020


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Byron York: Next election could determine DC statehood

By Byron York The drive to make Washington, D.C., a state has been a favorite of some Democrats for years. Why wouldn’t it be? If ... Read more

Editorial: Take precautions during Fourth of July gatherings

The Fourth of July is typically a time to enjoy the company of family and friends and maybe a freshly grilled meal in addition to ... Read more

Harrison Peel: Tillis owes voters real answers

By Harrison Peel Sen. Thom Tillis claims he is listening to locals during the coronavirus crisis, but for the sake of young voters across the ... Read more

Mitch Kokai: Put NC at front of line for recovery

By Mitch Kokai The furor over COVID-19 will fade. Eventually. Once that happens, North Carolina will compete in the national race toward recovery. Decisions policymakers ... Read more

Letter: Brownlee raises questions about statue proceedings

After reading Ann Browlee’s My Turn published June 25, I am horrified the Salisbury Democrats have brought national corruption by their party to our Salisbury. ... Read more

Steve Roberts: Trump risks best re-election argument with immigration agenda

By Steve Roberts John Bolton, the former national security adviser, writes in his new book that President Trump makes decisions based on only one calculation: ... Read more

Editorial: Disliked option may be best for students returning in fall

It’s somewhere between difficult and impossible to predict how COVID-19 might spread in the fall and winter, but Gov. Roy Cooper must offer some sort ... Read more

John Hood: Progressive politicians damage downtowns

By John Hood RALEIGH — Conventional wisdom has it that progressives champion urbanity and conservatives disdain it. There’s some truth to that. Progressives are far ... Read more

Talkback: What readers say about mask mandate

Editor’s note: The Post solicited comments about the state’s new mask mandate through an online survey for a story published Sunday (“Locals react to start ... Read more

Editorial: Citadel outbreak grows more tragic with state’s report

Even as COVID-19 case totals continue to rise across North Carolina, one thing remains true about Rowan County: it’s the site of the state’s largest ... Read more

Sharon Randall column: Call me Mamanana

By Sharon Randall Children don’t stay children forever. They grow up and move on with their lives. That is as it should be. But when ... Read more

Editorial: First game will shift Kannapolis redevelopment to new gear

It’s hard to argue against the notion that COVID-19 has impacted every sector of life.  Even as society collectively tries to slow the spread, there ... Read more

David Freeze ‘Gotta Run:’ Why the ‘wow’ moments matter now

Finding a “wow” moment is pretty simple, self-explanatory and always memorable. Somehow during my life, I have become addicted to those events and more appreciative ... Read more

Cal Thomas: Trump fails at uniting divided nation

By Cal Thomas President Trump’s speech last week in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was a toxic stream of consciousness that ignored a great opportunity to speak words of ... Read more

Bob Orr: How to interpret Black Lives Matter

By Bob Orr Once again, a prominent leader in North Carolina is coming under intense criticism for responding to a “Black Lives Matter” inquiry with ... Read more

Leonard Pitts: Meanwhile, back at the pandemic

By Leonard Pitts The death toll now stands at more than 120,000. The United States, with roughly 4% of the world’s population, accounts for about ... Read more

Ministers issue challenge for change in Rowan County

By the Interdenominational Ministers Fellowship of  Rowan County To the community of Salisbury and Rowan County, we the Interdenominational Ministerial Fellowship (IMF) greet you in ... Read more

Letter: Parents of those moving ‘Fame’ wouldn’t be happy

I came to Salisbury in 1957 to teach at Boyden High School, and one of the first things I noticed was a beautiful statue on ... Read more

Letter: Cemetery not suitable for ‘Fame’

We had the opportunity to visit  the new supposed location of “Fame” at the Old Lutheran Cemetery. It was a disgraceful and despicable sight to ... Read more

Letter: Council policy should apply to written letters, too

I was surprised and disappointed two weeks ago to hear hate-filled letters read on air at our City Council meeting. Letters that denigrate anyone should ... Read more

Letter: Thanks to first responders

To all that responded to the Peach Orchard Road call on the morning of June 17, thank you for all the compassion and professionalism that ... Read more

Letter: Remove islands with added traffic

I hope to see the islands on both ends of Salisbury removed, especially with more traffic added when the park opens.  The one at Catawba ... Read more

Letter: New site for ‘Fame’ makes sense

I drove downtown the other day with the sole purpose of reading the inscription of the statue “Fame.” I have to confess I was a ... Read more

Letter: What about changing wording of statue?

I am sure I am not alone about being sad about having to see the beautiful statue of “Fame” removed. I can’t even imagine the ... Read more

Thom Tillis: Town halls provide invaluable feedback

By Thom Tillis The COVID-19 pandemic has presented incredible challenges for North Carolinians, including public health risks from the virus and the stress of the ... Read more

Ada Fisher: Let statues stand to remind of who we were

By Ada Fisher The pulling down of the statue of George Washington, the nation’s first and one of its most revered presidents, in Portland, Oregon, ... Read more

Letter: Indians were treated worst in history

Now is my turn for my 2 cents worth. Since when did a protest become OK for vandalism? What makes this right? Destruction of property ... Read more

My Turn, Ann Brownlee: Council abandoned laws, procedures in voting to move monument

By Ann Brownlee Efforts in recent weeks to address the conundrum of the Confederate monument have brought out the worst in at least some City ... Read more

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