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September 26, 2020


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Sharon Randall: Celebrating with stories, true or not

By Sharon Randall Birthdays should be celebrated with somebody who loves you, even if the “somebody” refuses to spend five hours on a plane breathing ... Read more

Stephen De May: Help available for customers who need utility assistance

By Stephen De May In the early days of the pandemic, Duke Energy took swift action to help customers knowing the financial burdens that would ... Read more

Editorial: Consistency best plan for schools

Gov. Roy Cooper may have meant well by telling schools last week they’re able return to a normal, in-person schedule for grades K-5, but logistical ... Read more

Editorial: Salisbury, Rowan County meet moment of change

Elections can mark major moments of change for Salisbury and Rowan County, but the community has already found one of those moments. Today brings the ... Read more

John Hood: State’s economic recovery is sputtering

By John Hood RALEIGH — According to the latest jobs report, North Carolina’s headline unemployment rate fell to 6.5% in August, down from 8.5% in ... Read more

DG Martin: Who wins in debate about candidate debates?

By D.G. Martin What is more interesting than the upcoming debates between candidates for major political offices? Of course, it is the debate about the ... Read more

My Turn, Hope Oliphant: Garden made possible by United Way

By Hope Oliphant Main Street Marketplace Gardens is designed to grow awareness and provide education surrounding the vital importance of good nutrition and healthy lifestyles. ... Read more

Talkback, what online readers are saying about …

Driver pulled over with 20 jugs of moonshine Let’s be clear. That moonshine is illegal not because it’s “known to be stronger than liquor manufactured ... Read more

Laurels: Cruise-in events bring energy to downtown Salisbury

Laurel to organizers of and participants in recent downtown cruise-ins for bringing some energy to the city’s core in an unprecedented time. On Friday and ... Read more

Josh Bergeron: Aim no lower than fundamental change

There’s something different about these educators, Stacey Gershkovich told a Rowan County Chamber of Commerce meeting on Thursday. “When I met Lynn (Moody) and I ... Read more

Letter: How do people support such low character?

President Donald Trump’s moral bankruptcy got even bigger this week as he re-tweeted a tweet falsely suggesting that Joe Biden is a pedophile. Imagine that, ... Read more

Leonard Pitts: Let’s talk about crime in Chicago

By Leonard Pitts This is for the people who keep asking me about Chicago. Other cities too, sometimes, but it is mostly the City of ... Read more

Francis Koster: Critical for local residents to complete Census

By Francis Koster I have bad news, and good news.    The bad news is that if your household does not complete the Census by ... Read more

Editorial: Polarization reaches new depths in gubernatorial race

It’s a strange world when two candidates for the same office post identical graphics to make a political point, but it’s exactly the one we ... Read more

Cal Thomas: Why so much anger in politics?

By Cal Thomas There was a time in America, unknown or not experienced by people under the age of 50, when politics was a contact ... Read more

Letter: Be accurate about state budget deal

I’m disappointed that Joe Fowler in his Sept. 15 letter to the editor repeated the tired Democrat falsehood, “Your current representatives could not even pass ... Read more

Letter: Choose new perspectives for school board

As a former school board member, I see the vote for Rowan-Salisbury Board of Education members of even greater importance with the departure of Superintendent ... Read more

Letter: COVID-19 is worst of failures by man in White House

There are many failures by the man in the White House, but none more horrible than his failures with COVID-19. He knew how serious the ... Read more

Letter: America needs four more years of Trump

I think President Trump is one of the best presidents in history. I think he really loves America and the American people. President Trump has ... Read more

Editorial: Moody transformed Rowan-Salisbury Schools

Often, you pick the superintendent for the times you’re in, Jim Vining, chairman of the Rock Hill, South Carolina, Board of Education told the Salisbury ... Read more

Sharon Randall: Little things change the world

By Sharon Randall Little things mean a lot. Here’s a memory I’ll not soon forget: I woke in a hotel room, sunlight on my face. ... Read more

Thomas Mills: One line from debate could hurt US Senate candidate Cunningham

By Thomas Mills Debates in modern American politics are all about the headlines, not the substance. A candidate can outperform his or her opponent and ... Read more

Gary Pearce: Will basic right to protest be protected?

By Gary Pearce In an America bitterly divided over protests and politics, the least-familiar part of our Constitution’s First Amendment may be the most endangered: ... Read more

Letter: Talk to people who experience racism

A few days ago, I was listening to a radio newsperson interview a lady in Arizona. The lady commented that Black Lives Matter was based ... Read more

Editorial: Embrace new lights at Bell Tower Green Park

Developers of downtown’s Bell Tower Green Park have added lights to the structure as a means to celebrate special occasions. And believe it or not, ... Read more

Letter: Reasons why not to vote for Biden

Here’s why you should not vote for Joe Biden for president: • Biden and the Democrats in Washington would have killed hundreds of thousands, if ... Read more

Letter: How about voting for new representatives instead?

Traditionally, lobbyists have worked to secure positive votes and bills from key legislators. The organizations that employ these lobbyists benefit from these votes and bills. ... Read more

John Hood column: State reserves may not be enough

By John Hood North Carolina’s state government began its 2020-21 fiscal year with $1.5 billion in cash left over from last year plus another $1.8 ... Read more

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