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Editorial: Bond referendum will help Rowan County move back to forefront

If Rowan-Cabarrus Community College President Carol Spalding and the late Carroll Overton were to have a conversation today about a bond referendum on the March ... Read more

Letter: Readers should maintain healthy skepticism

Consider the source, readers. My interest was piqued by Wednesday’s column by John Hood (“Fracking the Cause for Emissions Drop in NC”), in part, because ... Read more

Letter: Forest right about need to protect students

I was really happy to see gubernatorial candidate Dan Forest’s message for law enforcement in Tuesday’s article titled “Lt. Gov. Forest tells Rowan County gathering ... Read more

Leonard Pitts: Living in post-integrity America

By Leonard Pitts Back during the scandal over his sexual exploitation of a young intern, Bill Clinton was pilloried in this space for his moral ... Read more

Cal Thomas: Bloomberg didn’t get it done

By Cal Thomas The only thing that can be said about former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s first appearance with his fellow Democratic presidential ... Read more

My Turn: Alexander’s, Post’s arguments on designation don’t compute

By Karen Lilly-Bowyer It seems clear that the Grubb-Sigmon-Weisiger House was used as a political pawn at Tuesday’s city council meeting.  Mayor Karen Alexander voted ... Read more

Letter: Employers will be drawn to Rowan because of complex

As a longtime resident of Rowan County, I have seen for many years what an important role Rowan-Cabarrus Community College plays in growth, development and ... Read more

Letter: Another solution needed for people living alone

Since July, I have had to use 911 on several occasions that were not the type that emergency medical services were designed for. I was ... Read more

David Freeze: Gotta Run

Upcoming racing opportunities, all different Seldom do I just talk races in this column, but this is a good week for it. We have three ... Read more

Sharon Randall: Holding world in palm of hand

By Sharon Randall Do you remember the first time you held the world in the palm of your hand? One day when I was 8, ... Read more

Quotes of the week: ‘I just reacted’

“When I realized he was going to hit the car, which he did … I just reacted. It’s pitch black dark. I was thinking I ... Read more

Talkback: What online readers are saying about …

Letter: Facts for Fox News viewers The economy is cyclical, and presidents often receive more blame or credit than they deserve. When the economy bottoms ... Read more

D.G Martin: Politicians often capitalize on book sales

By D.G. Martin “Politics and books don’t mix well. You need to decide which one you’re going to write about and stick to it.” That ... Read more

Editorial: Prioritize truth over convenience

Facts matter — facts that reporters work to confirm before stories are published. It’s why Salisbury Post reporter Natalie Anderson spent hours last week working ... Read more

John Hood: Fracking the cause for emissions drop in NC

By John Hood RALEIGH — In 2018, Gov. Roy Cooper signed an executive order on climate change that, among other things, established a goal of ... Read more

Letter: Trump used power properly, didn’t abuse it

How could Hunter Biden, the son of then-Vice President Joe Biden, land a $1 million-a-year job with a company he knew nothing about? That raised ... Read more

Letter: Local gyms should have recycling containers

Salisbury’s gyms and wellness centers have a problem with the lack of recycling options in their facilities. Neither the YMCA nor the Forum have recycle ... Read more

Letter: Rowan Democrats should vote for Klobuchar

I would like to ask my fellow Rowan County Democrats to vote for Amy Klobuchar for president in the upcoming primary. I have supported her ... Read more

Letter: Keep Rowan County’s landscape green, rural

Rowan County does not need the kind of growth that Cabarrus County has received. Do we really want the traffic that has came to the ... Read more

Letter: Luckey faces court of public opinion after party

The police and the Salisbury Post seem to want to try Thelma Luckey in the court of public opinion, also known as the front page. ... Read more

Letter: Sexuality of ‘Mayor Pete’ irrelevant to electability

I would just like to commend Stephen Roberts for his “Mayor Pete has much in common with past winners” piece in Sunday’s newspaper. It’s refreshing ... Read more

Darts and Laurels: Davidson County plant will benefit Rowan, too

Laurel to the news that EGGER Wood Products plans to begin operation in Linwood by the end of the year. The company has already hired ... Read more

Letter: Republicans can’t claim party of law and order

I always thought of the Republican Party as the “Law and Order Party.” No longer. Now, there is only one Republican I admire. He honored ... Read more

Letter: Alexander constantly working hard for Salisbury

Many know Karen Alexander as the mayor of Salisbury, but to me she is a true pillar of the community. Alexander is someone who devotes ... Read more

Josh Bergeron: If Concord wants a break, developers should look to southern Rowan

Imagine living in a county where the board of education strains to keep up with the deluge of incoming students and families, the population of ... Read more

Letter: Chamber of Commerce endorses $45 million bond referendum

As an advocate for the business community, the Rowan County Chamber of Commerce has taken an official position in support of the Rowan-Cabarrus Community College ... Read more

Letter: Bullying won’t increase because of Knox-Overton merger

I always read Dr. Ada Fisher’s columns, as I find her to be a very intelligent, well-written person. I agree with her most of the ... Read more

Editorial: Healthy Rowan County requires community buy-in

Health is more than weight, says Alyssa Smith, whose job will be to rally community organizations around a series of new goals ranging from housing ... Read more

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