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January 18, 2021


Latest Opinion

Josh Bergeron: Rowan County needs your help to address potential lead crisis in Dukeville

Just when one crisis seemed to dip below the horizon, a new one has appeared for people living in the northern Rowan community known as ... Read more

George B. Jackson: An unpopular King stayed the course

By George B. Jackson In April 1967, Martin Luther King Jr. was fed up with the almost decade long American occupation of Vietnam. Military advisers ... Read more

Letter: Media, Democrat, social media collusion is real problem

Despite three attempted coups by Democrats, President Donald Trump has done a lot of great things for our country (low unemployment, rising wages for everyone ... Read more

Nalini Joseph: Disappointment on your child’s path to greatness

By Nalini Joseph Start talking to your child now about some of the negative emotions he will experience as he climbs the ladder of success.  ... Read more

Letter: Job well done for drive-thru organizers

Congratulations to the many, many individuals who planned, orchestrated and carried out the administering of the COVID-19 vaccine at the West End Plaza. Being one ... Read more

Francis Koster: Telemedicine could stop invisible calamity

By Francis Koster We have two health care calamities unfolding before us — one visible, the other not yet. The first you at least know ... Read more

Cal Thomas: For Trump, what might have been

“For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, ‘It might have been.’ ” — John Greenleaf Whittier By Cal Thomas There ... Read more

Letter: No American winners on Jan. 6

The long history of the Republican party has, until now, stood for certain verities: less taxation, limited government, law and order, family values, freedom from ... Read more

Editorial: County should keep adapting to find best plan for mass vaccinations

Last week marked the first major test of the Rowan County Health Department’s vaccination plans. Including those who arrived too late, as many as 1,000 ... Read more

Steven V. Roberts column: ‘Just go, go, go!’

“There has never been a greater betrayal by a president of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution,” said Rep. ... Read more

Quotes of the week

“So in 10 months, we have dedicated two years of our lives to the COVID response. It really hit me. I do think it’s pretty ... Read more

Byron York column: A crazy impeachment

Democrats started trying to remove President Donald Trump from office before he entered office. Now they are proposing to remove him from office after he ... Read more

Letter: Trump not to blame

I don’t believe Trump is solely to be blamed for the events of Jan. 6. He called for a peaceful protest, but fringe groups came ... Read more

Letter: Why didn’t Budd criticize North Carolina’s votes

In Sunday’s Post, Rep. Ted Budd elevated hypocrisy to new heights. He complained about Pennsylvania’s Electoral College voting system because its legislature made changes to ... Read more

Editorial: With worsening virus, state avoids return to shutdowns

The calculations are different this time around. Even as COVID-19 has produced new records locally and across North Carolina, there has not been a return ... Read more

Letter: Nothing harmless about it

Harmless grandstanding and posturing? Nothing harmless about it when it incites violent insurrection. These North Carolina members of congress are complicit: • Dan Bishop • ... Read more

Ada Fisher: College education should not be on taxpayers’ dime

By Ada Fisher Any plan to do national forgiveness of student loans is wrong unless those loans had a service or in-kind contract that such ... Read more

Leonard Pitts: ‘Let ’em up easy’?

On April 4, 1865, Abraham Lincoln went to Richmond. With the Civil War all but won, the president wanted to tour the rebel capital. There, ... Read more

DG Martin: We got another inoculation

By D.G. Martin We got inoculated last week. Or, I think we did. I hope we did. I am not thinking about the COVID vaccine ... Read more

Other voices: State must do better on vaccine rollout

The push to develop vaccines for COVID-19 was called Operation Warp Speed, but the delivery of two vaccines approved so far might be called Operation ... Read more

Letter: Trump needs to resign

I find that the opinion by our GOP leaders is a appeasement. Mr. Trump and his allies attempted to subvert our Constitution. It was planned ... Read more

Dean Ridings: No game with Google against local news

By Dean Ridings It is no secret that Google has secured a near monopoly in the search and local advertising world. However, the impact on ... Read more

Letter: Shame on most, others gain respect

Our Republican congressmen and women, our local state representatives and senators and, lastly, our county Republican Party representatives are very quick to paint a really ... Read more

John Hood: Trashed Capitol should trouble us all

By John Hood RALEIGH — It was the summer of 1987 when I first stepped inside the United States Capitol to work instead of visit. ... Read more

Editorial: Budd’s statements, actions don’t line up

The statement does not square with reality. “Going through the Constitutional process of debate was never about overturning an election. It was about standing up ... Read more

Nalini Joseph: Begin 2021 with love

By Nalini Joseph Each school morning, I drive through the circle, waiting for my turn to drop off. As I sit in the car smiling ... Read more

My Turn, Carol Pomeroy: Try reading facts instead

By Carol Pomeroy This is in response to Delmar McDaniel’s letter dated Dec. 31. It is so unfortunate that any weight could possibly be given ... Read more

Letter: On prejudice, COVID-19 and election

First, your paper is very prejudiced to conservatives, Republicans, and President Donald Trump! Second, the Democrats said it would take three to five years to ... Read more

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