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John Hood: Go-slow reopening may be costly

By John Hood RALEIGH — Over the first two months of the coronavirus crisis, our labor-market cratered. The number of employed North Carolinians dropped by ... Read more

Josh Bergeron: Salute to the service of essential workers, businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic and the shutdowns it has caused should bring an increased appreciation for businesses and people that are often taken for granted. Without ... Read more

Letter: Trump looks like picture of health

Trump revealed he has been taking hydroxychloroquine for a couple of weeks. Do you suppose he washes it down with Lysol then bask in his ... Read more

Gary Pearce: Coming apart or coming together?

By Gary Pearce COVID-19 might as well be called Divided-2020. When the pandemic started, optimists thought it might inspire us to come together, the way ... Read more

Letter: London keeps sports covering going when events canceled

The article last week titled “Looking back on track” by Mike London certainly brought back many memories from that era. Indeed, track and field was ... Read more

Ada Fisher: Trump still has my vote in 2020

By Ada Fisher As a black Republican of over 52 years, President Donald Trump has my vote not because of party loyalty but because of ... Read more

Editorial: Will virus change context for school closures?

Rowan-Salisbury Schools has rightly been focused on many other important items in recent months rather than closures and consolidation. Among other things, there’s teaching students ... Read more

Talkback, what online readers say about …

Ask us: When will road construction end in southern Rowan … Street light installation, Ivey said, will be delayed because of a lack of utilities ... Read more

Sharon Randall: Finding places to hide

By Sharon Randall Do you recall the first time you climbed a tree? How old were you? How did you feel? Scared? Proud? Happy? Free? ... Read more

Editorial: Provide more reassurance about graduation promise

Community members have done their best to honor Rowan-Salisbury high school seniors amid uncertainty about graduation during a global pandemic. There have been drive-by celebrations ... Read more

Josh Bergeron: Personal suspicions proved wrong by COVID-19 test

I’m probably not alone in being somewhat disappointed that my COVID-19 test results came back negative. On Friday, May 15, I was tested for COVID-19 ... Read more

Cal Thomas: ‘Snake oil’ cures don’t usually pan out

By Cal Thomas On Monday, in an off-the-cuff comment following a White House meeting with restaurant industry leaders, President Trump revealed that he has been ... Read more

My turn, Le’Andre Blakeney: Public transportation should be more equitable

By Le’Andre Blakeney Anyone in Rowan County who needs to ride the bus should have that right. They should able to use the bus as ... Read more

Letter: Now is time to redistribute wealth

As a great many states, including our own, push to reopen their economies, the American left should say the following, in no uncertain terms: we ... Read more

Leonard Pitts: A reminder of how much it took

Oh beautiful, for heroes proved, in liberating strife Who more than self their country loved, and mercy more than life. — “America The Beautiful,” by ... Read more

Letter: Reduce salary of Lynn Good instead of raising bill

Last month, I received my electric bill and it informed me the bill was $159.99 higher than the previous month. I have suggestion for Duke ... Read more

Letter: Some need to give IRS bank information

Would someone please explain to people that it is not your Social Security direct deposit that is used to send your stimulus check? It is ... Read more

Letter: East Spencer school isn’t getting 400 new students

I was surprised to read that the budget presented by Rowan County Manager Aaron Church to the Rowan County Board of Commissioners included $797,694 for ... Read more

Letter: Wearing masks makes statement

Why do so many of us refuse to wear a face mask in public places? Even store employees who come in contact with hundreds each ... Read more

My turn, Joe Fowler: Why did absentee ballots arrive after primary voting day?

By Joe Fowler In the Washington Post, Mark Niquette wrote, “Elections are a hallmark of democracy. Voting in the U.S.? That’s complicated. The nation’s founders ... Read more

John Hood: We can’t keep our schools closed

By John Hood RALEIGH — Our elementary and secondary schools will reopen this fall. During these past months of disruption, dismay, and despair, I have ... Read more

Editorial: Don’t eliminate bus routes entirely

The Salisbury City Council would be making a mistake by voting for a budget with a proposal to nix transit service entirely to Spencer and ... Read more

Editorial: Changes will be needed for 2020 general election

On the last day of early voting in the 2016 election, voters lined up hundreds at a time in front of West End Plaza to ... Read more

My Turn, Jean McCoy: Method of dealing with loss makes difference

By Jean McCoy The worst year of my life was 2019. Why do I say that? • In January 2019, my 94-year-old father died. • ... Read more

Letter: Most vulnerable among us have rights, too

This is in response to Elizabeth Hilton’s letter published Friday. Individual rights are the rights of an individual while collective rights can refer to the ... Read more

Clyde: Avoid the crowds; what’s the hurry?

By Clyde What’s the hurry? The words just don’t seem to work anymore. Hurry-up is not the same recently and hurry on down used to ... Read more

Letter: Grateful for  help from strangers, pharmacy

I would like to express my deep thanks and appreciation to those who helped me last Tuesday following my accident outside a local pharmacy. I ... Read more

Editorial: Budgets for coming year more of an educated guess than usual

It’s unusual for managers of municipal and county governments to propose a budget to their board or council by saying he or she hopes it ... Read more

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