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April 20, 2021


Letter: Biden knows agenda isn’t popular

Thanks to the progress we’ve been making against COVID-19, the U.S. economy is poised to take off. That means more businesses re-opening and more people ... Read more

Editorial: Make sure health is among most important priorities

Which Rowan County departments are among the most important? When money is tight, which funding priorities are worth dipping into savings for? For many, the ... Read more

Letter: Developments will be low-income housing

The Laurel to two new “infill” apartment developments published Thursday (“Infill development is good for the community”) neglected to mention that both are tax credit ... Read more

Letter: People have short memories about ‘Fame’

After reading several letters here regarding Fame, it seems to me that some folks have short memories regarding the attempts to desecrate the sculpture. I ... Read more

Josh Bergeron: Rep. Budd ran as political outsider in 2016; now he’s contemplating higher office

Politicians don’t typically tease an announcement about a bid for office when the answer is something other than, “I’m running.” Building up anticipation for an ... Read more

Letter: Salisbury cannot be obsessed with looking back

Thank you, Ed Norvell, for putting a realistic and historic image to the fate of “Fame” in your “My Turn” on Thursday. I appreciate the ... Read more

Byron York: Justice Thomas says courts will rule on social media sooner or later

It started as one of those ridiculous controversies of the Trump era. In May and June 2017, then-President Donald Trump blocked a few Twitter trolls ... Read more

Quotes of the week

“We’re talking about just doing the right thing here. We shouldn’t even need to codify doing the right thing.” — Rodney Phillips, China Grove mayor ... Read more

Steven V. Roberts: These ‘political orphans’ deserve help

For two decades, Irma Chavez has lived in legal limbo. An Arkansas businesswoman with four American-born children, she remains a provisional resident of this country ... Read more

My Turn, Ed Norvell: Do we want to continue to litigate Confederate monument?

Over the past couple of weeks there has been a letter writing campaign opposing the move of the Confederate monument, popularly known as “Fame,” from its place ... Read more

Letter: Viewed through ‘alternative eyes’

Are the contents of editorial submissions monitored for truthfulness?  Richard Roberts on March 21 (“It may already be too late”) stated that the lady veteran ... Read more

Letter: Thanks to library workers

Since this is National Library Week, a thousand thanks (I wish it could be money) to the staff at the Rowan Public Library. During this ... Read more

Letter: Why not find place for ‘Fame’ in park?

I grew up in Spencer, graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, taught school in Wilmington and Charlotte and was a social worker ... Read more

Letter: Help in preventing child abuse is available

In the United States, five children a day die due to abuse and/or neglect. Sadly, hundreds of Rowan County children are abused each year. We ... Read more

Laurels: Infill development good for community

Laurel to two different proposals to add apartment units within already developed areas in Salisbury’s city limits. One complex will add dozens of units near ... Read more

Gary Pearce: Lieutenant governors can be governors’ nightmares

By Gary Pearce As a Black conservative Republican, Mark Robinson isn’t North Carolina’s traditional lieutenant governor. But he’s squarely in the tradition of lieutenant governors ... Read more

Guest columnist: Say ‘no’ to Biden-Buttigieg mileage tax

By Ray Nothstine In an interview last month on CNBC, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg can hardly hold in his glee talking about a new potential ... Read more

Other voices: As coronavirus pandemic winds down, let’s not falter

In a play last season that he may want to forget, former Duke star Daniel Jones, now the starting quarterback for the New York Giants, ... Read more

John Hood: Political fantasies can be costly

By John Hood RALEIGH — It’s hard not to play along when children come up with cute untruths. For example, for a time one of ... Read more

Editorial: Set targets, speak up about getting vaccinated

As the pandemic wanes because of vaccinations and reduced infection rates, people will go back to the lives and routines they enjoyed prior to March ... Read more

Letter: What more evidence is needed?

Now that ex-officer Buddy Hampton is gone from the Salisbury Police Department, when is he going to be brought up on animal abuse charges? What ... Read more

Letter: Let citizens decide future of ‘Fame’

Members of the Fame Committee have been working with the United Daughters of the Confederacy to identify other locations in the area which are prominent ... Read more

Sharon Randall column: My royal family

By Sharon Randall When you were a child, who was the person you most looked up to, the one you hoped to be just like ... Read more

Letter: ‘Fame’ belongs in cemetery

In 1905, when “Fame” was erected on West Innes Street in the heart of Salisbury, it was meant as a symbol of the Lost Cause ... Read more

Josh Bergeron: Amtrak expansion in Biden’s plan could help Salisbury

There are rare cases when presidents announce major initiatives and there’s something local to pay attention to right away. But that’s the case with President ... Read more

Letter: Pay attention to legislation instead

Pay no attention to Republicans when they wax eloquently about the sanctity of the U.S. Constitution. Pay attention, rather, when they pass legislation in open ... Read more

Leonard Pitts: ‘A change gon’ come’

Dear Republicans: Let’s just say this plainly. You are a people lacking integrity and honor. And you have not a thimbleful of respect for one ... Read more

Letter: ‘Fame’ deserves an honored place

The city of Salisbury is home to many veterans. There are 142,088 citizens in Rowan County and 33,988 citizens in the city of Salisbury. The ... Read more

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