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October 23, 2020


Amy-Lynn Albertson: Fun fruit for the garden during 4-H plant sale

By Amy-Lynn Albertson Rowan County Extension Director It’s time for our annual 4-H plant sale again.  This year we have added a few novelty fruits ... Read more

Ada Fisher: Give us all oxygen we need to breathe

By Ada Fisher It is absolutely galling how quickly people forget those who have stood in opposition to Black lives progressing but now want all ... Read more

Letter: Memorable experience in Wilmington

While on vacation in Wilmington during my daughter’s fall break this past weekend, I had an amazing and memorable encounter with stranger. A friend and ... Read more

Letter: Byrd-Clark’s honesty refreshing

I am a civics teacher at Carson High School and have worked in Rowan County for 20 years. I have seen this county and the ... Read more

Editorial: 2020 could be year without complete candidate forum

An unfortunate side effect of COVID-19 is that opportunities are fewer and farther between for undecided voters to evaluate candidates for office. In a normal ... Read more

Letter: Vote against Republicans like your life depends on it

Carol Pomeroy’s letter published Oct. 4 (“State’s health care system doesn’t meet needs of the people”) is so very correct. Those glaring needs are more ... Read more

Sharon Randall: Don’t worry, be happy

By Sharon Randall There’s a lot going on these days. A worldwide pandemic. People out of work, fearing eviction. Hurricanes. Wildfires. Protests. Riots. And a ... Read more

My Turn, Wilson Cherry: Completing census is vitally important for all

By Wilson Cherry With the extension of the 2020 census deadline, it is extremely important that individuals and their families who have members with developmental ... Read more

Gary Pearce: No more debates needed

Presidential debates are outdated. They’ve outlived their sell-by date. They should be consigned to the dustbin of history. COVID-19 killed off this week’s scheduled presidential ... Read more

Editorial: People must make changes to prevent another crash

The images were as shocking as the reality of the incident. A tractor-trailer on Aug. 11 crashed into a stationary fire engine on I-85. That ... Read more

John Hood: Ticket splitting still shapes elections

By John Hood RALEIGH — North Carolina, like most of the country, has become increasingly polarized in our political thinking and behavior. But what does ... Read more

Letter: Shameful action at downtown cruise-in

I am a person with a compromised immune system, not to mention I have eight grandchildren and elderly parents. Last Saturday night, I was appalled ... Read more

Letter: He voted for former government teacher

On an October morning in 2008, I would be in Keith Townsend’s advanced placement government class analyzing one of the most consequential elections in American ... Read more

Letters: Encouraged by anti-abortion protest

We respect the Christian denominations and our Jewish friends. We are not encouraging a political debate, but we need to echo Mother Theresa’s words, “if ... Read more

Josh Bergeron: In Lexington, city-county conflict springs up around Confederate monument

Miles away and a river apart, a city-led effort to remove a Confederate monument looks unlike Salisbury’s effort. In Lexington, as across the nation, there’s ... Read more

Darts and Laurels: Livingstone’s efforts in COVID control paying off

Laurel to Livingstone College for putting in place aggressive testing and infection control measures for a return to classes. The college tested all staff and ... Read more

Francis Koster: Unpolluted food for thought

By Francis Koster I am the oldest of six kids. My father was a very good man, but he was not what you would call ... Read more

My Turn, Cheryl Goins: Poster draws unexpected, negative comments

By Cheryl Goins This summer, in response to the horrific murder of George Floyd and the ensuing protests, my husband Ted and I put a ... Read more

My Turn, Susan Cox: Studer is school board member community needs

By Susan Cox I was elected to the Rowan-Salisbury Board of Education in 2012. It has been a very rewarding experience and a highlight of ... Read more

Nalini Joseph: Children should experience sacrifice to be great

By Nalini Joseph As parents, we often think of mental stress that our children face as something to be avoided. Mental anguish is synonymous with ... Read more

Letter: Sanborn will ensure school board remains committed to students

In this year’s election, we will make many important decisions and choices that will have a lasting impact on the lives of our children. One ... Read more

Letter: Research, pray about it before you vote

I’m writing this to all Christians, especially Democrats who are Christians. I know President Donald Trump isn’t a saint, but look at the Democrats’ platform. ... Read more

Letter: Angels on earth and at New Hope AME Zion Church

With all the ugliness going on in our country, God still has angels here on Earth in human form. You see, I have not gone ... Read more

Editorial: Don’t wait for election to start superintendent search

At the risk of echoing a white hot national political conversation, the Rowan-Salisbury Schools Board of Education should continue on its path to find a ... Read more

Ada Fisher: When should the president step aside?

By Ada Fisher The presidency sits precariously, not just in the hands of the people. But under the 25th Amendment, it may be deemed void ... Read more

Letter: Consider history of power generation in vote

When Jimmy Carter became president, in his first address to the nation, he made announcements of changes that affect us today. No more nuclear war, ... Read more

D.G. Martin: Some supporters overlook flaws in favor of fight

By D.G. Martin We both love America? We would fight for our country. And we would fight to keep it the way we love it. ... Read more

John Hood: Superintendent candidates clash on reopening schools

By John Hood RALEIGH — When Democrat Jen Mangrum and Republican Catherine Truitt first filed to run for state superintendent of public instruction, neither could ... Read more

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