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Letter: Better to renovate Enochville than close, build new later

Here we go again with Enochville School. I’m with the readers. We want to keep it. Can’t the people of Rowan County have a voice? ... Read more

Leonard Pitts: Is ‘vote blue, no matter who’ the right answer?

By Leonard Pitts Vote blue, no matter who. That’s the fall election mantra of Democrats desperate to cleanse the White House of its current occupant. ... Read more

Letter: Association will have event celebrating women

Thanks to Deedee Wright for highlighting the 100th anniversary of women winning the right to vote in her My Turn on Tuesday (“Achievements of women ... Read more

Steve Roberts: ‘Mayor Pete’ has much in common with past winners

By Steve Roberts Pete Buttigieg is still a long shot to win the Democratic nomination, let alone the White House.  Despite surprisingly strong showings in ... Read more

Cal Thomas: DeVos doubles down on education reform

By Cal Thomas I recently interviewed Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, who claimed the president’s proposed $4.8 trillion budget includes “a significant step toward returning ... Read more

Letter: Shame on senators who voted for acquittal

To the senators who acquitted President Donald Trump in his impeachment trial: shame on you. Shame on you for allowing the president to break the ... Read more

Sharon Randall: Take a ride on ‘Birthday Express’

By Sharon Randall Lately, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about birthdays. Why? From the end of December to the middle of February, our ... Read more

Talkback, what online readers are saying about …

… Storm brings tornadoes, flooding, high winds There was severe damage along Irish Potato Road and Phaniels Church Road near Pless Road. Entire roofs were ... Read more

Quotes of the week: ‘Not us’

“This happens to other people, but not us” — Mike Brown, whose home was damaged by high winds and a tornado that touched down in ... Read more

Editorial: Stop board from ‘crying wolf’ about closures

As children, many of us learned some version of Aesop’s fable about the boy who cried wolf. The story goes that a boy watching the ... Read more

Ferrel Guillory: Rising education narrows earnings gap

By Ferrel Guillory In the late 1990s, education data showed a widening gender gap in higher education enrollment across the South. Women exceeded men among ... Read more

Letter: Make the best of ongoing solar farm moratorium

The ongoing solar moratorium is important because Rowan County is developing rules and regulations for solar developers building in our county. The county’s current regulations ... Read more

Letter: Partners in Learning staff show selfless dedication

My gratitude to the staff and administrators at Partners In Learning Daycare who stood outside at multiple intersections in high winds and rain during storms ... Read more

Letter: Senators made mistake by not removing Trump

Donald Trump is an unindicted co-conspirator who has committed two major frauds in recent years. Our senators made a huge mistake by not removing him ... Read more

Letter: Go outside, take a break from politics, Fox News

I made the mistake of reading the letter published by Randy Biggerstaff in the Post Sunday (“As a conservative, what it’s all about”). If there ... Read more

John Hood: Make it easier to work in NC

By John Hood RALEIGH — North Carolina’s unemployment rate averaged 3.9 percent during 2019. For economists, that rate signifies “full employment” (the nation is at ... Read more

Editorial: Next decade will be about coal ash action in Dukeville area

In Rowan County, most major concerns ended years ago about water contamination and  how Duke Energy would handle the tons of coal ash stored in ... Read more

My turn, Susan Williams: Trash collection part of city’s litter problem

By Susan Williams I personally believe litter in Salisbury is a problem that will take not only the efforts of the city but also its ... Read more

My Turn, Deedee Wright: Achievements of women should be recognized

By Deedee Wright I have been a reader of the Salisbury Post for many years and read the hard copy every day.  I know that ... Read more

Josh Bergeron: Once top priority, airport’s runway extension shelved for foreseeable future

First, they looked south. Then, they looked north. Then, they looked south again. Now, apparently, an extension of the Mid-Carolina Regional Airport’s runway is indefinitely ... Read more

Letter: Shame on Burr, Tillis for impeachment vote

In voting to acquit the president on both articles of impeachment, Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis have violated their oaths of office in which ... Read more

Cal Thomas: The state of President Trump

By Cal Thomas The president’s State of the Union speech Tuesday night resembled a campaign rally. Some Republicans shouted “four more years” as he approached ... Read more

Letter: Make America gracious again

Did everyone watch President Trump’s State of the Union speech? I found it did not contain any specific information on how he plans to better ... Read more

Letter: As a conservative, what’s it all about?

It’s about witnessing the disgrace and demise of the Democratic Party.  It’s about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her herd of liberals sitting on their ... Read more

Leonard Pitts: GOP playing the game by different rules

By Leonard Pitts Let’s try a thought experiment. Suppose your friend invites you to play Monopoly. But suppose she insists on a set of special ... Read more

Letter: Don’t merge Knox Middle, Overton Elementary

The plan to merge Knox Middle and Overton Elementary seems wrong-headed, particularly if the argument is this is to stop bullying. Putting kindergartners in proximity ... Read more

Letter: Facts for Fox News viewers

For Fox News viewers who may not be privy to this type of information, I would like to point out that 1.3 million more jobs ... Read more

Editorial: Capacity issue not only present in Rowan County jail

Some counties in North Carolina don’t have a jail, instead contracting with others for space. There’s a problem, however, when the number of inmates exceed ... Read more

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