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January 18, 2021


Letter: For some, nothing happens

If you peacefully protest in Washington DC you are tear gassed so the president can hold up a bible. If you storm the Capitol building, ... Read more

Ada Fisher: Peaceful transition is what’s needed now

By Ada Fisher Anger and bitterness in defeat does not lay a fertile ground for binding a nation and moving forward to heal a nation. ... Read more

Cal Thomas: Conservatives make bad bargain

By Cal Thomas The mob violence that occurred at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday was deplorable and disgusting. It is the antithesis of a free ... Read more

Letter: Representatives seemingly forgot oath

Shame on Representatives Ted Budd and Richard Hudson for supporting the move to not certify the result of the Electoral College. To further the groundless ... Read more

Francis Koster: Time for a different version of ‘the talk’ with family

By Francis Koster When I was a kid, there is a little ritual that happened in private. I later learned my parents referred to it ... Read more

My Turn, Jeanne Lane Miller: Salisbury caved to cancel culture

By Jeanne Lane Miller I read in the Salisbury Post’s Dec. 31 paper with great sadness the article on the Confederate monument’s being the story ... Read more

Leonard Pitts column: White conservatives gave violent white radicals a pass

In the end, it wasn’t “antifa.” It wasn’t Black Lives Matter. No, it wasn’t any of the boogeymen white conservatives have imagined, exaggerated and bloviated ... Read more

Quotes of the week

“Our community should be proud of what we’ve accomplished together to reduce crime.” — Jerry Stokes, Salisbury Police chief on early numbers showing overall crime ... Read more

Byron York column: Now they tell us — Trump was tough on Russia

Democrats and their allies in the press spent the last four years accusing President Donald Trump of being soft on Russia. And worse: Some called ... Read more

Letter: COVID-19 cost Trump election

I read Mr. Alan Gilmours letter published Sunday (“Be careful what you wish for”) and agree 100%. However he left out one major failure: COVID-19. ... Read more

Letter: Congressmen disgrace themselves

I once read that “the survival of democracy depends on the consent of the loser.” Our local congressmen, Ted Budd and Richard Hudson, have disgraced ... Read more

Sharon Randall: Unexpected gift brings welcome surprise

By Sharon Randall Unexpected gifts are always a nice surprise. But sometimes, they’re also what we need. On New Year’s Eve, my daughter and her ... Read more

Editorial: Congressmen must call out cause of violence

Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021 will forever be a stain on American democracy. During a joint session of Congress that’s almost always a routine step in ... Read more

Letter: Give readers both viewpoints

Thank you for your excellent reader’s guide to reading the newspaper published Sunday, Jan. 3 (“Readers could use quick-start guide for newspapers”). Unfortunately, the article ... Read more

Shavonne Potts: It was my pleasure to serve as Post reporter for 15 years

By Shavonne Potts SALISBURY — As some of you have already heard, my time at the Post has come to an end as a ... Read more

Letter: Do the right thing, reject Electoral College results

Voter fraud in six states (Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona and Nevada) has disenfranchised millions of voters from their God-given constitutional right to choose the ... Read more

Letter: Thanks for donations to Faithful Friends

We would like to thank each person that saves aluminum cans for Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary and all the businesses and Hudson-Miller-Tatum VFW Post for ... Read more

Gary Pearce: North Carolina has taken a wrong turn

By Gary Pearce Sixty years ago this week, a new governor set North Carolina on a new course. In his inauguration speech on Jan. 5, ... Read more

Letter: Shame that facts aren’t important in politics

The Post recently published information on the editorial page of its printed edition about U.S. Rep. Ted Budd’s objection to Congress counting certain electoral votes ... Read more

Ester Marsh: Year is all about your mindset

By Ester Marsh Let’s hope 2021 will be happy, healthy, prosperous and kind. But it’s all in the mindset isn’t it? The year 2020 was ... Read more

Letter: Enforce laws instead

South Carolina, like many other states, is considering criminalizing the lawful use of publicly owned highways (a bill creating penalties for “improper use of the ... Read more

Cal Thomas: Better, more civil year on the way in 2021?

By Cal Thomas I don’t like making predictions for a new year because they are just guesses and like palm readers, fortune-tellers and “experts,” guesses ... Read more

Editorial: Questions for Salisbury, Rowan County in 2021

With the start of the new year, here are some questions about what’s to come in Salisbury and Rowan County in 2021: • Who will ... Read more

Josh Bergeron: Quick-start guide to reading newspapers

Some features in newspapers are easily understood by longtime readers, but in a world that’s changing rapidly, some items have become unfamiliar to those who ... Read more

Letter: Be careful what you wish for

It looks as though we won’t have Trump to kick around for too much longer. Thanks to the last election, America can breathe a huge, ... Read more

Kathryn Lopez: Here’s to life in the new year

By Kathryn Lopez The current president of Planned Parenthood is unafraid to use the word “abortion.” In a Christmas-season interview with The Washington Post, Alexis ... Read more

Nalini Joseph: Record your greatness in times of uncertainty

By Nalini Joseph Many of us are at our worst when times are chaotic and uncertain. How did you fare on the “Greatness Richter Scale” ... Read more

Guest columnist: Broadband tops list of legislative priorities for upcoming session

By Becki Gray The General Assembly will convene its biennial session Jan. 13. They’ll talk about how to get the economy back on its feet, address ... Read more

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