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August 8, 2020


Letter: Say ‘no’ to Sunday voting

Today, the Rowan Board of Elections will vote on the schedule for early voting (one-stop voting) for the November general election. The meeting will be ... Read more

Letter: Pandemic could have never happened

If things don’t turn around soon, there won’t be enough of us left to even bother with an election. If all international air travel had ... Read more

Editorial: Early user’s guide for 2020 elections

Midterm elections traditionally bring a larger number of local races worth watching. With the Rowan County Board of Elections considering an early voting plan today, ... Read more

Sharon Randall column: Packing up a lifetime

By Sharon Randall The fire started without warning, roaring like a ravenous lion through tinderbox brush in the canyon below our house. It was late ... Read more

Letter: Wouldn’t gloves do the job?

I read about the NAACP wanting to bar the use of touch screen voting machine due to COVID-19. Why don’t they just tell people to ... Read more

Letter: Show some kindness

I’m writing to respond to the letter to the editor published July 21 by Wayne Drye (“Free meal delivery great deal for students”). Food stamps ... Read more

Editorial: Make sure election resources adequate for surge

Predictions about record mail-in voting numbers appear to be well on their way to coming true this year.  With roughly three months until Election Day, ... Read more

Cal Thomas: Government really is coming for our guns

By Cal Thomas For years, conservative groups and especially the National Rifle Association have been warning that the government would find a way to confiscate ... Read more

Francis Koster: During COVID-19 war, make sure all are counted

By Francis Koster We are at war with COVID-19. What is surprising, though, is that the casualty reports are leaving an entire group out.   ... Read more

Letter: Police need alternatives to deadly force

Well, we have taken down “Fame” and it appears we will soon have a “Diversity and Inclusion” mural.  Would that either of this purely symbolic ... Read more

Leonard Pitts: Trump knows how to put on show

By Leonard Pitts We are watching a show. It’s important to keep that in mind. It has its villains — Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago, ... Read more

Letter: Try a cooling off period in city

It’s been only two weeks since the “Fame” statue was removed from downtown street because so many called it too controversial, and now the City ... Read more

Josh Bergeron: Discovering new joys in changing times

With more COVID-19 cancellations than I can count, it’s been easier than usual to become engrossed in sports I’d usually avoid watching.  NASCAR has its ... Read more

My turn, Karen Alexander: Cities need resources to lead

By Karen Alexander In these trying and tumultuous times, North Carolinians are hurting.  Across our state, people are seeking social justice and more equitable approaches ... Read more

Letter: What ever happened to gratitude?

We are here because our mothers chose not to abort us. We have grown to adulthood because someone fed us every day. We are reading ... Read more

Letter: Nation returns to mistrust, hatred

I grew up in a small town 3 miles east of Salisbury. All my life, I was taught to judge an individual by the way ... Read more

Editorial: City must continue planning for eventual utility cutoffs

The city of Salisbury is right to seek ways to help with utility bills, but it must also ensure future plans include the reality that ... Read more

John Hood: COVID-19 infections far exceed cases

RALEIGH — You may recall that back in early April, a panel of health analysts presented Gov. Roy Cooper with two forecasts: 250,000 COVID infections ... Read more

Editorial: Mural that reflects Salisbury’s diversity worth seeing through to completion

Murals that aim to promote a city’s diversity do not tend to stoke fierce opposition, but that’s exactly what’s happening as Mayor Pro Tem Al ... Read more

Letter: ‘Fame’ should be relocated to town of Faith

I am in agreement that the angel “Fame” needs a better place to spread her wings for new generations to enjoy and maybe learn from. ... Read more

Letter: Kanye West’s candidacy would help Trump

I think Kanye West running for president is merely another dirty play by president Donald Trump. Kanye West has been and is an ardent Trump ... Read more

Letter: Food Lion needs to fix ordering problem

I hope someone up the Food Lion chain of command will read this and act upon a situation I am facing. I cannot reach anyone ... Read more

Letter: At best, Republicans are exaggerating greatness

As you know, the President and his cohorts are always bringing up the economy whenever they get the chance. Why is that? It’s because the ... Read more

Sharon Randall: Our own signs of life

By Sharon Randall Somedays when I’m feeling low, wishing the world were a better place than it seems at times, I tell myself that I’m ... Read more

Darts and Laurels: Mistake to host indoor political gatherings now

Dart to large, indoors, maskless political events while COVID-19 remains a concern. In a time when routine community events and informal gatherings aren’t happening to ... Read more

My Turn, Betsy Overcash: Did council take path of least resistance?

By Betsy Overcash Today, I chose to ride down Innes Street to see for myself where “Fame” once stood. She was sculpted to show her ... Read more

Letter: Honor those who came before, got us to today

Growing up in one of the Southeast’s most beautiful and historical cities, I never took for granted the many wonderful stately homes that lined its ... Read more

Letter: Free meal delivery great deal for students

Virtuous or ridiculous? I am talking about the big yellow food delivery buses, also known as school buses, delivering food door to door for school ... Read more

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